An overview to some of my professional work over the last 20 years

Cut together from some of the footage I’ve gathered from 1993 – 2013; big gigs, little gigs, sessions, main stages, educational, small stages, interviews, music videos, clinics, festivals, consultancy, touring, TV work, recording, playing to 30’000 people & playing to 3 people!

Styles, techniques, concepts & topics

An example of some of the styles, techniques, concepts & topics explored in my lectures and drum clinics. Live at the Salis Benney Theatre.

A tribute to the late & great Tony Williams

A little tribute to the late & great Tony Williams, one of my favourite musicians. This is an excerpt from a version of his track ‘Fred’, which appeared originally on the first album by The New Tony Williams Lifetime, called Believe It (1975). I re-recorded the opening section for use in my clinic styles piece.
Live clinic performance excerpt.

Sabian set-up

A little video starring my Sabian set-up from some clinics in 2012. I’ve always loved what SABIAN do, the innovation in their products & the inherent brilliance in their sound and design are only a few of the reasons I choose Sabian.

An interview with Luke Flowers & myself

An interview with Luke Flowers & myself shortly before a clinic we did together.

Music Video: 12 Stone Toddler ‘Under the Weather’

Following on from the Rankin Live YouTube videos, the inspired video for the track ‘Under the Weather’, a single from our 2nd album ‘Scheming’ out on Amazon Records.
Directed by Phil & Olly (aka Diamond Dogs)

Performance clip from my Tech Session in issue 16 of iDrum Magazine

This clip is from part two of a ‘Sticking = Phrasing’ lesson. It’s a demonstration specifically on moving the right hand around after getting to grips with the accent pattern. The notation for the sticking, & all the fills is available, please email me requesting them.

'Wait For Me Mama' - Drum Solo Outro

Off the album ‘More Is More’ by The DGB, this is the drum solo over the end of the closing track ‘Wait For Me Mama’. More Is More is available from all major outlets worldwide.