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Sabian Education Network presents “Develop, Manage, and Grow Your Teaching Practice: A panel discussion.

Pat will presenting and will be on the discussion panel in the SABIAN Experience Room with some of his esteemed colleagues from around the globe:

  • Saturday, September 29th at 3:30pm
  • Sunday, September 30th at 12:30pm

SEN Director Joe Bergamini will lead an expert panel in a round-table discussion on topics facing drummers today, including:

  • Getting more students
  • Running the teaching business
  • Current challenges in teaching, and much, much more.

The expert panels will be drawn from a selection of international recording and touring artists, and highly respected SABIAN educators, including Stanton Moore, Ralph Salmins, Pat Garvey, Derrick McKenzie, Erik Stams, Paul Hose and more to be announced. 

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